Bottomfed​/​West Berlin Split EP

by West Berlin

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released December 6, 2016



all rights reserved


West Berlin Syracuse, New York

Jesse Robles- Vocals

Evan Sanders- Guitars/Vocals

Tim Keefe- Bass

Jordan Haynes- Drums


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Track Name: Bottomfed - Blackened Angel
anxiety ridden response
i wont allow you to live through
filler for the funeral
shadow casted across the room

blackened angel
came too soon

i read "The Rose"
i wrote my name
i then compared the words in weight
still it remains unclear
what i saw there
her face in gray
and yours in tears

when you destroy yourself
who suffers?

please maintain // fleeing thing
please maintain love

her wingspan covered the city of champions
in early November
true darkness
never truly addressed
her eyes are caves where madness rests

old friend

she handed you the flowers
she handpicked death

my blackened angel soars high
my blackened angel soars still

darkest ditch
trapped by rust
death wont save you
from my love
Track Name: 104
Look around
What do you see
The measure of a man
Who can't provide for his family
Youth escaped me
So I took a step back
This is how it feels to be reckless

And I'll never go down 104 again
To the broken glass and heartache
And I'll never go down 104 again
To the unmarked graves that house salted bones

I long to be where the wildflowers grow
But I can't get there
Never felt love before

I'll never go down 104 again
When I can't sleep at night
You were my shelter

When I can't feel the shakes of the world
I am motionless
I am sinking
And I won't attempt to swim